Four Paddle Pickleball Set - Sky Series Group Bundle


The Sky Series Paddles offer a balanced combination of power, control, and accuracy, making them the ideal choice for the all-around player.

Lightweight paddle (7.6-7.8oz) With a comfortable feel when playing

Perfect For Competitive Recreational Players & Beginner Players

Pickleball Set Includes:

✅ 4x Sky Series Paddles 

✅ 4x Outdoor Pickleballs 

✅ 4x Indoor Pickleballs 

✅ 2x Light Duty Carrying Bag 

Bonus: Get four free cooling towels & grip tapes

Paddle Size

WEIGHT - 7.6-7.8oz

Paddle Length - ‎15.5"

Paddle Width - 0.51" (13MM)

Paddle Width - 8"

Grip Circumference - 4.25"

Grip Length - 4.85"

Manufacturer Athpetic Sports, LLC

Fiberglass vs Carbon Fiber

Fiberglass is more flexible and offers better response power behind your swing and has better accuracy

Carbon fiber is stiffer and requires more power behind your swings but allows for a better spin on the ball. Carbon fiber is often heavier paddles as well

Overall, if you're a beginner or a recreational player, a fiberglass paddle is more suitable for you as it helps shorten your learning curve

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
First Timer

Just started playing a few months ago. Tried out a few different brands from my friends I decided to buy a set and picked this set up and feel a major difference from the other paddles

Love it!

Bought two sets to play with my family and absolutely love these


The set is so cute and the paddles fit perfect in the bag. Love the cooling towels too especially in this heat!

Sasha R

The overgrips helped me a lot! Thank you. New favorite paddle!!!

Light Weight Paddle

Cant say enough how great this paddle is. I used other paddles and they seemed too heavy the more I played and wore me out. This paddle allows me to play much longer. Kudos

Designed & Tested To Improve Your Game

Best Pickleball Racket

Sky Series Technology

Aero Curve

Better swing speed with less drag

Responsive Honeycomb core

Enhanced power with excellent ball control

Multi-Layer Fiberglass Face

Multi-Layer feedback for immediate feedback & feel

Wide Body Shape

A wide paddle face creates an extended sweet spot for the purest form of response on each hit

Anti-Slip Ridge Grip

Ergonomic grip for performance & increase shock absorption. Best for comfort and play

Enjoy a game of doubles

The ultimate bundle that comes with everything you need for you and a partner

It's our mission to craft premium-grade paddles that don't cost a fortune. We stand behind our quality and offer risk-free returns for 60 days if we don't live up to the hype.