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Our Story

At Athpetic, we are driven by a powerful idea: to inspire people to lead active, healthy, and fun-filled lives. Our journey began with a simple desire to promote a lifestyle that celebrates the joy of movement. We chose the name "Athpetic" to honor the world of athletics and our deep affection for pickleball, which brings people of all ages together.

We are not just athletes; we are "recreational-style" players who love the outdoors and enjoy a variety of activities. Whether it's playing pickup basketball games, going for bike rides, hiking through nature, or simply going for a jog, we find pure happiness in being active. Our list of favorite activities goes on and on!
But it was when I discovered pickleball that something truly magical happened. Pickleball isn't just a game; it's a unique experience that anyone can share. It brings friends, parents, siblings, grandparents, and even great-grandparents together on the same court. Pickleball represents more than just a game to me—it embodies a lifestyle that can bring happiness and countless benefits to so many people.
When I went searching for a paddle to play pickleball, I was disappointed. The options seemed limited and unsatisfactory. I didn't want a poorly made paddle, but I also didn't want to pay exorbitant prices for brand-name paddles. I wanted something different—a paddle that would speak to those who value an active, healthy, and fun-filled lifestyle.


That's when Athpetic came to life. We set out to create something special—a paddle that would resonate with people like you and me, who appreciate the thrill of an active lifestyle.

Our goal was to design paddles that were not only top-quality but also affordable. We believed that everyone, regardless of skill level, deserved access to equipment that would enhance their pickleball experience.

We don't cater to the 1% of "pros" like the rest of the pickleball world. We cater to recreational players who appreciate quality and live a fun and active lifestyles!

Welcome to Athpetic!

We spent a year of researching, surveying, and testing dozens of different paddles and manufacturers before launching our very first paddle. The rest is history!

We are on a mission to bring the world of pickleball to people just like us with a premium-grade pickleball paddle.  

When you play the Athpetic Way, you are representing Quality.

Quality Paddle, Quality Experience, Quality Fun, and most importantly a Quality Life. 

-Donnie, Founder & CEO


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