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Pickleball Set of 2 Starter Bundle

Balanced and Versatile for Any Player ·

· 4.7 star reviews



The Sky Series Paddles offer a balanced combination of power, control, and accuracy, making them the ideal choice for the all-around player.

Perfect For Competitive Recreational Players & Beginner Players

Pickleball Set Includes:

✅ 2x Sky Series Paddles 

✅ 2x Outdoor Pickleballs 

✅ 2x Indoor Pickleballs 

✅ 1x Light Duty Carrying Bag 

Bonus: Get two free cooling towels & grip tapes


Pickleball Power: The Sky Series Paddles offer unparalleled power, precision, and control for an unbeatable game. Its beautiful design is sure to turn heads on the court.

Pickleball Mystery: Our Pickleball Starter Bundle has everything you need to take your game to the next level. With two premium paddles and a set of outdoor/indoor balls, you'll be able to master the game in no time!

Pickleball Versatility: This bundle has all the tools necessary to play pickleball anywhere you want and bring home the win with style, portability included! It's versatile enough to make your own rules and get creative on the court!


2x Grip Tapes

1x Carrying Bag

2x Indoor Balls

2x Outdoor Balls

2x Cooling Towels


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The Best Bundle for Pickleball Players!

This pickleball bundle is perfect for anyone trying to get into the game! The quality of the paddles is outstanding. I have also received nothing but compliments about the bag the paddles come in.

Jack M.

Verified Buyer

This product is great quality. We just started to play pickle ball and they have been wonderful. They are not heavy and work very nicely. Their colors are beautiful and fit nicely into both my husband and my hands. His are larger and mine are smaller.

Emmett L.

Verified Buyer

I purchased this product for my 24 yr. old son and daughter-in-law. They love to stay fit and trim. This was something different for them, and they said they enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought the price was totally worth it

Carol S.

Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Pickleball Set That Elevates Your Game!

Game-Changing Set

Perfect for players of all levels, our Pickleball Set includes everything you need to get started.

Ace Your Opponents

Our top-quality paddles provide the perfect balance of power and control for dominating your competition.

Ready to Play Anywhere

Take your game on-the-go with our included light-duty carrying bag, pickleballs, cooling towels and grip tapes - everything you need!

1,000+ Customers Who Love Us

#1 Set for friends & family

Take your pickleball game to the next level with our complete starter set.

Unleash the power of our expertly-crafted paddles.

Our equipment sets you up for peak performance every time.

Includes everything you need for you and a partner

Unlock new levels of playability with our starter bundle.

A complete set to take your pickleball skills to the next level!

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Pickleball Paddles with Perfect Balance & Power

Ideal Set for Both Beginners and Competitive Level

Play on Any Court, Indoor or Outdoor

Take Your Game to the Next Level with Our Pickleball Set!

  • 5.0/5

    I was in shock at how quality the paddles are, and how nice / compact the carry case is, you could slip it under your passenger seat if you wished, yet it carries the whole set.
    I am by no means a Pickleball professional, but this set is far nicer than the ones several of my friends own and they play multiple times a week.

    Mitch G - Verified Customer

    Cincinnati, OH

  • 5.0/5

    The perfect kit for me and my wife. Just getting into Pickleball and this just makes it super convenient to beable to have everything you need packaged together in one. Great Price also

    Nicholas T. Verified Customer

    Daytona Beach, FL

  • 5.0/5

    This is a great set. The grips are comfortable and sized well enough for both adults and kids to use. The sweet spot seems fairly large on the paddles. The balls are standard and work as expected. We like the small carrying case... My kids actually prefer this set over another that we have.

    Reveree M. Verified Customer

    San Francisco, CA

The Ultimate Pickleball Bundle

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